How to safely shop for groceries during the pandemic

With the uprise of the coronavirus pandemic, many of us are afraid to leave our homes. But what happens when we need to buy groceries or stock up on essentials? How can we make sure that we shop safely for groceries during this time? With the ongoing pandemic, we can't wait inside forever. We have to feed ourselves and make sure we have toilet paper. We're going to share tips that will help you stay safe and get you what you need right now.

Understanding the Virus

Before we can even get into how to stay safe, we need to understand what the virus is. The coronavirus, or COVID-19, is a specific type of virus that can cause disease. In this case, it spreads primarily from human to human. While the chances are slimmer, you can still get the virus by touching surfaces as well.

This is why we're being told to bunker down in our homes and stay in as much as possible. The more we can limit our contact with others, the safer we'll be. But until we can get a vaccine, we still need groceries. So let's talk about how you can stay in grocery stores.

Go to the Grocery Store Alone

It's best to go shopping alone because you'll only have to watch out for yourself. You won't have to worry about your children touching anything and everything. You won't have to keep looking over your shoulder to ensure your family is following the guidelines. So, by going alone, you mitigate the risk of contracting the disease to a very small chance. Now you can shop with peace of mind (well, as much peace of mind as possible).

Wear Masks

While there's a shortage of surgical and medical masks, the CDC recommends we all wear cloth masks. This is especially important when venturing into grocery stores or pharmacies. It can be difficult to socially distance in these stores. You can't control if someone will walk by you and sneeze. But the masks are meant to keep our germs to ourselves and not spread.

It makes sense why we have to wear masks. The virus can spread through droplets that emit when we sneeze, cough, etc... The masks hold these droplets in so they don't spread over people or items near us. This will keep produce safe when we're trying to grab broccoli for dinner or when we're waiting in line to check out.

Try to stay away from people who aren't wearing one. There's no way of telling if they'll sneeze at the wrong time. The last thing you want is to reach in for the last tomato and have someone sneeze all over you. Not only is it gross but also it can be detrimental to your health. You can order face masks from our online store, and we'll deliver them straight to your door. This way you can be prepared the next time you head to the grocery store.

Wash your hands and sanitize

Right now is the best time to maintain cleanliness. If you weren't in the habit of always washing your hands, now is the time to start. We should stock up on hand soap and sanitizer. Every time you visit the grocery store, make sure to wash your hands before and after. It's important to do so beforehand just in case you accidentally touch something. You don't want to spread any germs while in the store. And you also don't want to take anything home with you.

You can find hand soaps and sanitizers in our online department store. We even sell these items in bulk so you can stay safe and have peace of mind when you shop. Order online with us today so you can prepare for your next grocery trip.

Order your groceries online

The best and most safe option for buying groceries is shopping online. If you're too afraid of going into grocery stores, it's for good reason. But if you buy online, there's no need to worry. There are plenty of grocery delivery apps that will deliver fresh produce straight to your door.

Shopping online limits your contact with the outside world and reduces your risk. Many of these companies are also doing contactless delivery. This means that the shopper will either knock on your door or text you and will leave your package on your doorstep. This keeps the shopper safe and you and your family. You don't have to come into contact with a stranger, and you'll also get your groceries.

If you shop online with us, we'll deliver your items to your home. You can order essential items in bulk like pet food, sanitizer, face masks, diapers, etc... You can safely order what you need with our online supermarket. We ensure that grocery shopping online with us is a safe, clean, and easy process.


The world is scary right now. We don't want to leave our homes but we need to feed our families. We aren't sure what's safe and what isn't and who we should listen to. But if there's one thing that is safe, it's shopping for groceries online. While you can practice cleanliness in a grocery store, there's no promise that everyone around you will be as cautious. Buying your groceries online with us will help you and your family stay safe. We process your orders on time and we're there for you during this tough time. So if you can, stay home, stay safe, and shop with us!

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