Loco Store is a supermarket, bakery, convenience store, homemade meals and a central kitchen - all rolled in one. 

Oh yes, have we intrigued (AKA confused) you enough yet? 

Basically, we sell a lot of things.


We sell bread and pastry, in both ready-to-eat or ready-to-be-stored-for-breakfast-the-next-few-days options. 

We sell coffee, nut milk, herbal tea and juices - beverages. 

Fresh. Made in-house. 

No chemicals, no added sugars, no preservatives. 

We sell noodles, sauces, soup base and condiments. 

Not instant noodles. But pretty darn simple and instant to cook. 

Good honest noodles, wanton mee, hokkien mee - dried which means you can keep in your cupboard and cook it whenever you need. 

But once you cooked it, *fuyoh*, it is QQ or aka bouncy, springy and delicious. 

It comes with several choices of sauces / base like Nyonya Curry, Tasty soup base, Mala, Tom Yam and so on. And you can choose to add in some fresh vegetables (which you can also get from us) or you wish to add in some dehydrated vegetables (also fresh but now it can be stored in your cupboard instead of your fridge, and it won’t go bad for a while)

We sell pasta sauces. 

Home-made, loaded with so much vegetables that it satisfies your soul. 

Find it difficult to chow down so many vegetables in a day? Or maybe you find it difficult to get your little one to eat his/her vegetables. 

Then our pasta sauces are your key. 

Many more such Meal prep ideas are waiting for you in our store.


You love the idea of cooking for the family or yourself. Because cooking makes you feel you are taking care of yourself. But you do not want to spend too much time everyday, putting meals on the table.

A meal prep store like ours, helps you achieve some sort of balance. It gives you healthier meals but with lesser preparation and cooking time because we have already done some of the meal preparation on your behalf. 

And all you need to do is to finish the job. 

We are your kitchen assistant. You are the head chef. 

The end result? You put delicious, fresh-tasting and piping hot meals on the table, at a fraction of the time you normally use. With much less kitchen equipment used, less cleaning up is also required. 


Sanity intact. 


We also sell groceries like household items. Detergent, dishwashing liquid, floor cleaners, toilet paper, diapers, milk powder, coffee, tea, shower gel, shampoo, cosmetics….


We sell a lot of stuff because when you are managing your household, you probably prefer a one stop shop.  

Make payment once. 

Make arrangements for one delivery and not have several parcels being delivered to your house at different times of the week, which actually makes it inconvenient. 

One stop shop to get all your groceries, breakfast, ready-to-cook meal, kitchen helper all rolled in one. 


You can find us in one 500 sq feet store in North Suria (Kepong) - G10. 

Huh? So Small ah? 

Small is the new big, people. 

It is fun, going to a hyper big wonderland of grocery and yes, it is convenient to be able to get many things you need under one roof. 

But then

There is another kind of convenience. 

It is convenient, going to a small-hobbit grocery store and not having to walk too much, queue too much, or squeeze too much. 

We keep a ready-selection of food, beverage and meal prep items in our hobbit store. So that you can walk in, grab and go. Truth be told, that’s where we spend most of our decision making time and budget anyways. 

The rest of the household items like detergent and shampoo? 

We believe you are a planner. You do know when you are running out and hence can plan in advance to top up. 


Chances are, you do not really have a shampoo emergency. You are just not that type of person. 

You could have a meal-emergency. A sudden meeting that overran or a sudden tantrum from the little one, leaving you with very little time to get dinner ready for everyone. 

That’s why you need to run into our store and get these meal prep items. 

But nah, chances are, you aren’t the type of person who has a shampoo-emergency. 

You, who buy meal prep items, you are a planner. You think ahead, and plan ahead. 

I am presenting to you, 3 lovely options, you would enjoy:

  1. You order everything (your meal prep items, sauces and household items) all online. And we deliver to you / or have them ready for you to pick up at your convenience. 
  2. You pre-order your household and personal care items and let us know when you would be dropping by our shop. While you drop in to collect, you will also shop for your meal items on the spot. Because it is just more fun, when you can see and smell these freshly baked breads, sauces and noodles
  3. You walk into our shop and buy meal prep items to go. And then tell us you would like to have other grocery items like detergent and all, be delivered to your house later on. 


We are very “cincai”/ Easy-going/ Flexible

So that we can fit into Mandy’s, Mary’s, Molly’s, Malone’s, Mak Chee’s, Michael’s, Mummy’s ….lives. However your lifestyle is.


Or you can find us through our Loco Store app. 

With this app, you get full access to our store, products and our team - right where you are. 

With this app, you get your breakfast, lunch and dinner meal prepared in advance. 

With this app, you get your household items, bulky and heavy items such as detergents, toilet papers, shampoo, shower gel etc delivered to your doorstep. No heavy lugging for you

With this app, moms and dads get to put healthy but fast and convenient meals on the table for their kids and family. 

With one app, accessed from the comfort and the convenience of wherever-and-whenever, you can get “it” done. 

Just click and order

And choose which is more convenient for you - have us deliver to your door at a specific time or you drop by to collect. 


Dropping by to collect? 

But do not wish to get out of your car. Because speed is the essence? 

No worries

We are built like a F1 pitstop. 

You drive by with your car

Stop in front of our door

Open your boot

We run out, with your groceries and bread and meal prep items

Loading, packing, tidying

All into your car

Within minutes

You will feel that satisfying “smack smack smack”

On the boot of your car

And hear that all-familiar 

“Okay” “Boleh”

You rev your engine 

All ready to go

Leaving us, in the dust and fume of your exhaust pipe

No need to find parking

No need to pay parking

No need to get out of your car

No need to walk 

Yah, we call it “Drive-thru” - very original yah.


I wish I had a service like that when I was a young mom

But then again, I also wish I have a legal driving license. 


No car?

No problem

A lot of other people have

So they can deliver to your door.

Order before 12p.m and you get your items delivered within the same day 


  1. Download our app. 
  2. Visit our store